About Us

Ermes Wealth Management AG
is a Swiss company active in the finance sector with a focus on the structured products segment. Based on proprietary, high-powered, modern technology, the company offers products and services related to derivative investment products and predominantly covers the capital protection, yield enhancement and participation product classes. This means EWM acts as both a direct issuer of its own products and a guarantor for clients, as well as a partner to other financial institutions.
Independent and trasparent
Our business relations with our partners are built on a basis of trust and absolute transparency. We set great store by clear and straightforward reporting vis-à-vis our partners, and our fee structures are both fair and comprehensible. Through transparency, we create both trust and added value.
High standards
Ermes Wealth Management AG is a member of VQF, a self-regulatory body recognized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). We ensure that all recognized industry guidelines are strictly complied with in our everyday business and take account of the latest scientific findings.
The Ermes Wealth Management AG team has in-depth experience in the field of collective investment schemes. Thanks to their many years of experience, Ermes Wealth Management AG is able to offer its customers a unique service.
  • Access to a first-class distribution network
  • Development of new distribution channels
  • A cost-effective marketing platform
  • An efficient platform for placing products
  • Increased transparency
  • Contract management
  • Management of portfolio management commissions
  • Reduction in administrative expenses
  • Bloomberg listing (Video)
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